Creative App Development Company

We are Rubots Craft. We are a development agency specializing in Mobile/Web app and product development. We collaborate with clients to bring creative solutions to their products and businesses.

About Rubots Craft

Rubots Craft development agency was formed to bring creative solutions to businesses everywhere. Located in the heart of New York city, we are passionate and talented crafters specializing in innovative mobile apps, games and web development. We form special relationships with our clients to bring their ideas to life in new, innovative and creative ways. Once you're part of the team, your're part of the family.

Our expertise lies in customizing your work to fit your style of ideas. We build native and custom designed apps for all platforms including Android, IOS, Windows and web. Through our expertise we are able to produce games as well as design products and branding. Whether you want front or back end development or full scale app and web deveopment, be sure to talk to us.

What makes us different? Through recently acquiring NYDF, we're now able to produce secured mobile and web applications. NYDF is a trusted cyber security firm that specializes in degital forensics. We understand the importance of security. That's why every ideas you bring forth with us, you can rest assure it's protected. To learn more about NYDF, Click here.

We take pride in what we do. Sealed with quality, protection and creativity, we bring your ideas to life. Be sure to check out our latest works.

  • Development services

    Android/IOS apps, Web product development

  • Interaction/ UI design

    UI/UX designs, Print/Interaction designs for products

  • Digital Security services

    Digital Forensics/ Digital Security for E-mails, networks and Server systems

Android/iOS Application Development

With our expertise in Mobile development, we are able to develop full scale apps and games in all platforms including Android, IOS and Windows. We build all our products natively to suit our clients ideas and needs. We use the latest technology possible to produce smooth operating, bug free applications that are designed to seamlessly fit and run on all devices. When it comes to our clients' needs, we do not compromise.

Branding, APP/ UX & Product Design

We pride ourselves in our immaculate design. All our works contain flawless User experience designs to create beautiful works of arts in our apps. All our apps contains what we call an "Artist's Touch". Custom designs to fit and create beatiful apps that seperates our products from the rest; and branded immaculately to convey the product's meaning and purpose. Our designs transition smoothly to develop apps that are simply a pleasure to use.

Web Design/ Development

Handcrafted custom elegantly designed websites built to enhance user experience. Our websites are natively built to fit customized needs and optimized to be memory efficient as well as stand out in the increasingly competitive webpage market. Our websites are designed to complement the mobile app counterparts and allow for more efficient ways to experience all the features while presenting their elegancy through the connectivity of the social networks.

Online Marketing

With the increasing competition on the digital space and app stores, we understand the need to getting your brand out. Our state of the art marketing team allows us to getting your product/ brand out quickly and as efficiently as possible. Through our SEO and partnerships, we are able to utilize effective sources and methods to getting your product out and raise awareness of your product. Established brand or startup, our marketing strategy allows to give an extra boost that it needs.

  • NYDF

    Logo/ Brand



    New York Digital Forensics

    NYDF is a Cyber Forensics and Network Security Firm specializing in cybersecurity consulting resolving issues.

  • Aomic

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    Aomic Collectors

    Collectors' comics and items. E-commerce for collectors' auctioned comics, statues and artworks.

  • MeccaEleven

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    Design firm for product, and global sourcing.